The COPSOQ (Copenhagen Psychosocial Questionnaire) is a scientifically validated instrument for assessing mental stress and strain at work. In the past, a large number of different companies have conducted a COPSOQ survey with us:

anonymized data from over 600.000 respondents from over 1400 projects
survey ranges from 6 to over 50.000 employees
over 130 surveys with 1.000 or more participants
more than 1.000 occupations surveyed; structured in over 50 aggregated reference groups

The COPSOQ is mainly used in the context of occupational risk assessment. The questionnaire fulfills the requirements of the German Occupational Safety and Health Act and the Gemeinsame Arbeitsschutz Richtlinie (GDA).

If you are interested in measuring psychosocial work factors with COPSOQ, we will be happy to advise you!

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What is COPSOQ?

The questionnaire on mental stress at work

The COPSOQ (Copenhagen Psychosocial Questionnaire) is a cross-sector and cross-occupational questionnaire. It is based on the scientific model of a cause-effect relationship between psychological working conditions (stressors) and reactions of working people (consequences of stress or strains).


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How does the survey work?

The survey in cooperation with FFAW

We, the Freiburg Research Center for Occupational Sciences (FFAW), offer to conduct the survey with the COPSOQ in seven steps with a clear distribution of roles.


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Who are we?

The survey in cooperation with FFAW

Our team consists of social and health scientists. Our claim is the professional application of empirical research methods in the realization of our projects. We cooperate with national and international institutions.


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Just try it out: the paper version of COPSOQ

We offer both online and paper versions of the survey. The online and the paper version provides a comparison of your personal values with the representative average values for all employees in Germany.

A note for ongoing surveys in companies: COPSOQ surveys in companies have their own websites. If you want to participate in a survey in your company, please enter the link provided to you in the address line of your browser!

Try the online survey     Download paper version